FMF exists to provide supplementary funding and resources to the MHS Football program specifically and the MHS Athletic program in general.

With the continued budget pressure on Athletics in Melrose, the need continues for “booster” organizations such as FMF to ensure that teens in Melrose are given an opportunity to compete on a level playing field, both scholastically and athletically with their peers from surrounding cities and towns. It is through the generosity and support of parents, alumni, local merchants and business groups that we can help continue to provide student/athletes with the opportunity to experience the proud tradition and strong program that is Melrose High School Football. To all of you, we are especially grateful for your support.


FMF has traditionally provided funds for the following:

• Assistant Coaches salaries

• Weight-Training Room Improvements

• Weight-Training Room Supervision

• Video Equipment for Game Evaluation and Instruction

• Transportation

• Press Box Maintenance

• Post Season Team Banquet

• Scholarships


Organizations such as FMF need members and volunteers! Our goal is to help enhance the athletic and scholastic experience of as many students as possible. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the conference room next to the Strength and Conditioning Facility at MHS. For more information about Friends of Melrose Football, please email:


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